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Marcus Rempel

That Crazy 🤪 Loud Canadian 🇨🇦 Send me things! PO Box 191 Radisson, SK S0K3L0


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Love this girl, here’s to building a beautiful life together. 🍻
That’s what a clean 66’Mustang will do to ya #drunk #mustang #classicmustang
It’s been three months since I moved to Costa Mesa CA. Moving here was my one shot at making a living with my biggest obsession… CARS! 

Since I got here it’s been a a constant buzz, trying to learn how the previous owner was running every aspect of this business while also dealing with keeping seven classic Mustangs running for daily rentals. Taking over this business was something I never thought would be possible but thanks to my beautiful girlfriend, her sister and her husband we’ve built a team that can push this business further than ever before. 

This opportunity has opened the doors to some of the coolest opportunities and I can’t wait to see where we can take this. 

@jessielovesfreedom @mrs.essex @jmessex @classicmustangrentals
Some cars most might recognize from popular YouTube channels. @semashow is automotive heaven.
Thinking about doing a permanent cab delete.
That was easy