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 Wyoming, USA

Stardew Valley content creator 🌱 Cozy games and modding are my specialty ✨ 🎮 🧡 All my mods I use and have made appearances in my videos can be found here. ⬇️


Turtle Rock 10•14•23. Absolutely gorgeous hike with the best of people
Long time listener, first time caller. How do I turn off radio plz help?
A Happy (late) Thanksgiving from Arizona! It’s a vacation of hot and cold flashes.
Wedding invites are being sent out soon, but before we make the number official we just need to know if anyone wanted one who we may have missed 😁❤️ let me know please! I don’t want to leave anyone out
How could I say no to a love this sweet? 💍
Move out of the way high school sweet hearts, we got middle school love coming through. And yeah I’m going to be posting a lot more. Huge thanks to @porters_camera  for practically babysitting us.
Whitman picked me up from work today, and at his house was a decorated table with dinner he made. And I jokingly ask if he’s proposing, even after that I still wasn’t expecting it. Here’s to our lives becoming one and to everyone who thought we were crazy for always running back to each other. ❤️ Whitman, even though you won’t see this cause you think social media is overrated, I love you and I’ll probably just screen shot this and send it to you.


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