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Angry Redhead, Gamer, Wow/Stardew/Minecraft/Cozy, Dog/Cat Mom, Wife


Killlan’s first day at Doggy Daycare ❤️
Dear sweet Pidgers. I wish we had more time and I wish we could have fixed everything. Cancer sucks and you fought hard for the last year. You were our first baby and the best baby. You brought us so much joy these last 9 years. We will miss your snuggles and your little snorts. Rest in peace my little snuggle bug.
I just wanna read in peace.
Sooo excited!! I’ve been looking forward to this book release and it’s here!! Gilmore Girls meets Practical Magic! Best way to start off the Autumn Equinox with a good book this weekend! #itsfallyall #happyfall #bookstagram  #booktok
Oh how hard it must be to be a beloved dog of a married couple with no kids.
She’s so fed up with my shit
Well guess it’s time to say it. The Bennett’s are officially moving back to Arizona!



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