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Kaci Cantey


Wish a Happy Birthday to my best friend, adventure, love & life partner, Brandon ❤️ @eternal_abundance_within 
 My world was so dark before you stepped into it.
You are a precious light in my life, I can look to you and know exactly where I am heading.
I’m convinced you’re my sun and I’m your moon. We balance each other out.
Being with you has guided me to realize who I am becoming. I’m so grateful to have met you, to be with you and to get to know who you are now. I’m so happy we met each other again in this life, you’re a blessing from the universe. 
Happy 24th Solar Return ☀️
2.22.22 signifies duality, harmony, tranquility, insight, creativity, & personal mastery ••• Manifesting, Cleansing, Meditating, & Attracting today.
beauty comes from within