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nia nadurata

 Toronto, ON


it is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to NIA NADURATA & THE GIRLFRIENDS! ITILYGF Music Video will be yours October 4th💕🪩🥂🫧🎀
i love my friends!
Toronto was a DREAM💫🤍🤭your energy was insaneeee i could have sang for you all night long!!!! thank you @newfriendsmusic love you boys so so much!!!!!
hi girlfriends! If you want to remember the @newfriendsmusic x @maelundjonas x NIA collab for the rest of time (as you should) i have some sweet lil physical tickets for u! 
message me if you want one!! see you on the 14th ;)
behind every great cover is a party we call a photo shoot!! so grateful for my friends, their talented eyes and very very hard work🥹!! here’s some “i think i like your  girlfriend” - BTS☀️🤍🕺😘

#concert #toronto #popmusic #band
woahhh hi besties “ITILYGF” has only been out for 1 week and i am at a loss for words!!!!! so many firsts were accomplished this week and i’m so thankful for every single person listening, sharing and enjoying the new tune🥲🤍 i love you angels and i promise i’m already working on the next one🫡🫶🏽💫🕺


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