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WELCOME TO NIGHT FILES! Join us as we examine the world of the strange. Ghosts, unsolved mysteries, UFOs, the occult, urban legends, Bigfoot… we do it all. 

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The Devil’s Bible, also known as the Codex Gigas, was created in the 13th century. It’s 3 feet tall and weighs 165 lbs. It’s written in Latin and contains painstaking calligraphy and elaborate art. Most famously, a full page dedicated to an illustration of the Devil.

Experts believe it was created by just one scribe and it may have taken 20 years of non-stop work to complete. However, the legend of the Devil’s Bible says it took just one night.

According to the legend, a monk broke his sacred vows and was sentenced to death. He was to be walled up alive in the monastery. The thought of slowly dying alone in darkness was terrifying , so the monk pleaded for a chance to save himself. He made an interesting offer.

In exchange for his life, he said he would create a biblical work so immaculate that God, Himself, would look favorably on the monastery. He was given just one night.

He worked feverishly all day and all night. As the hours went on, he realized he was doomed. So he prayed. Not to God, but to Satan, for help. Satan was happy to oblige. He took the monk’s soul in exchange for finishing the book. A literal deal with the devil.

The Devil’s Bible has changed hands many times over the centuries, but now you can see it for yourself at the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm.

Was this the work of an artistic genius? Or something darker?

What do you think?

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In 1872, a ghost ship was discovered drifting in the Atlantic Ocean. The Mary Celeste had a crew of 10, including Captain Benjamin Briggs, his wife Sarah, and their two year old daughter Sophia. They were nowhere to be found. Neither was the lifeboat.

The strange thing about that is the Mary Celeste was found in seaworthy condition. There was damage to some of the sails but all necessary equipment to navigate was still intact. There was no apparent reason to abandon ship. All the crew’s personal items, including clothing, money, and provisions were still on board. There was also no sign of a struggle or violence of any kind. The ship could have made it to a number of safe ports in its condition.

The last entry on the ship’s log was dated November 25, 1872, just 9 days before it was discovered floating without its crew. It contained no clues to their fate.

There have been a lot of theories put forth, including piracy, mutiny, icebergs, severe weather, even UFOs and giant squid attacks. But the mystery remains.

What could have caused an experienced captain to abandon a seaworthy ship in the middle of an ocean, with his own wife and child aboard?

What do you think?

#paranormal #unexplained #unsolved #unsolvedmysteries #highstrangeness #ufo #weirdhistory #creepy #creepyvideos #scarystories #ghostship #ghostships #maryceleste #occult
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The Tower of London was built in 1066. It became a prison for enemies of the Crown, complete with torture devices. Many souls entered through “Traitor’s Gate” and never returned. Some say they’re still there.

Anne Boleyn was the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII. She was tried for treason and adultery in 1536. It’s likely these accusations orchestrated by the King himself so he could remarry. Anne was sentenced to death. Since then, she’s been seen walking the halls of the “White Tower” holding her own decapitated head. She brings a sense of sorrow to those who witness her.

Princes Richard and Edward V were taken to the “Bloody Tower” in 1483. They were just 12 and 9 years old at the time. The boys were never seen again and were likely murdered inside. Some people say they hear the laughter of children throughout the tower.

Lady Jane Grey was known as the “Nine Day Queen”. Her claim to the throne was a failure and she was executed for treason in 1554. She was still just a teenager at the time. Now she walks the “Queen’s House” holding a prayer book and whispering to herself.

They aren’t the only ones haunting the grounds either. Dozens of people met their end at the Tower of London. Visitors and staff report the sound of phantom footsteps, whispers in empty rooms, freezing cold spots, and an eerie sense of being watched.

Are the dead still roaming the Tower of London? What do you think?

#paranormal #unexplained #occult #haunted #hauntedhouse #hauntedplaces #highstrangeness #scarystories #weirdhistory #creepy #creepyplaces #storytelling #creepypasta #toweroflondon #londondungeon
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Texas, 1996. Brian Bethel is sitting in a movie theater parking lot when he hears tapping on his car window. He looks up and sees two kids with jet black eyes staring back at him. They’re deathly pale and grinning at him as they ask for a ride. Brian says an overwhelming sense of terror suddenly washed over him. He declined their request and quickly rolled up his window. The children became enraged. They began screaming and demanding that Brian invite them into the car. Brian panicked and drove away as fast as he could. When he looked back, the children had vanished.

Brian is a journalist for the Abilene Reporter, so he decided to report on his encounter with the BLACK-EYED CHILDREN. His story quickly spread online, resulting in more witnesses coming forward. It turns out, the sightings date as far back as the 1950’s.

Virtually all eyewitness accounts have similar unsettling elements. A child or pair of children politely asking you for help. They’re lost, or need to use your housephone, or need a ride. An alarming sense of fear and dread is common among these accounts, even before noticing the strange black eyes.

Are they just unusual looking children? Or something more sinister? What do you think?

#paranormal #unexplained #highstrangeness #occult #urbanlegend #scarystories #creepy #creepypasta #blackeyedchildren #demonology #cryptid #horror
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In 1973, 2 panicked men ran into a Mississippi Sherrif’s station to make a report.Their statement came to be known as “The Pascagoula Abduction”.

Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing at a local river when they heard a strange sound in the night sky. They claim they saw a 40 foot oval shaped craft above them. It landed and 3 figures exited. They were described as short machine-like humanoids without eyes. They had slit-like mouths and pinchers instead of hands. As the figures approached them, Charles and Calvin became paralyzed, and their bodies began levitating. They were powerless as they were brought into the craft.

Inside, they encountered a being resembling a human female with unusually long fingers. Charles and Calvin were separated, and she examined them with a floating orb device which gave off a blue glow. After the examination, the two men found themselves back on the riverbank watching the craft fly away. Calvin says he heard a voice call out “We’re about to leave you now”. 

Sherriff Fred Diamond left Charles and Calvin inside the interrogation room where they were secretly recorded. He expected the tape to reveal them as hoaxers, but was shocked to hear their frightened conversation about the abduction continue amongst themselves. They passed 3 polygraph tests and multiple Pascagoula residents corroborated witnessing strange lights and sounds that night.

They both wrote books about the experience and have always maintained that their account of the abduction is true.

Did Charles and Calvin really encounter aliens that day?

What do you think?

#ufo #ufosighting #alienabduction #paranormal #unexplained #unsolvedmysteries #occult #creepy #creepypasta #storytelling #weirdhistory #weirdworld #scarystories #highstrangeness #pascagoula
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Western Pennsylvania, 1950 – Teenagers drive along Route 351, late at night, hoping to catch a glimpse of a monstrous GREEN MAN known as CHARLIE NO-FACE. Those who were brave enough to get out of the car, actually talked to him. They discovered his name was Raymond Robinson, a friendly guy who was disfigured in a childhood accident. 

At the age of nine, he climbed on a pole connected to live wires. He was electrocuted so badly that he lost his eyes, nose, and one of his arms. He spends most of his time with his family and enjoys leatherworking and the radio. He only came out at night because he didn’t want to scare anyone. He occasionally encountered cruelty and, in some cases, violence from strangers on his walks. This led to Raymond being anxious when cars would approach him. However, many of the town’s residents befriended Raymond due to his kind nature. They would often bring him beer and cigarettes while keeping him company on his night walks. 

Raymond died in 1985, he was 74 years old. But he lives on through the legend of “The Green Man” and the memories of his friends on Route 351.

#paranormal #unexplained #highstrangeness #occult #haunted #urbanlegend #weirdhistory #ghoststories #creepy #scarystories #storytelling #creepypasta


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