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Getting back in the zone. It’s been a while.
The Specials had a big impact on me as a kid growing up in South Wales. I listened to Too Much Too Young (live version of course) on repeat and wore my Harrington jacket with pride. I thought Terry Hall was the coolest motherfucker I’d ever seen and got a skinhead as soon as my mum let me lol. RIP British icon.
In Oban, west Scotland, drinking a Guinness and listening to Selected Ambient Works. Somehow more fitting than the Oasis that the pub is loudly playing. Absolutely stunning part of the world.
A pint on the beach, Bobby Hood on the AirPods.
This bad boy has been with me for nearly 25 years but it’s been in storage for most of that time so I’m finally letting it go. This was my first sampler and always had such a gritty, gnarly sound with an amazing resonant filter. Bit of a pain in the arse to work with TBH! I bought it from an ex manager if Depeche Mode via @alienmusicuk if memory serves me right. Rumoured to have been part of DMs touring rig at one point, although I’ll never know for sure. Nice story all the same. Up on eBay right now if you’re interested.. #roland #s-550


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Off-key Industries
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