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 Professional, in health care, also engineer designer, part time sound engineer for movie and music industry. Honest, romantic, funny, loves food and trying different things. Love to learn about other cultures. I want a loyal and honest woman that will share her dreams and fantasies. Oursecret's. Do things together and never let our close family or friends know. Can you be my personal slut, and keep it oursecret? I'm very family oriented but they could never find out what we did on our weekend or planned get away trips.. I want us both to have each other's back, both sides and front too. I'm straight and not a cuckold. If we do a bbc mini gangbang. I'm going to be right in there. Showing us off. Our close bond and relationship. I live in Laguna Beach California. I like to travel so who says we can't live in multiple places. I have a lot of fun idea's that I've never been able to do. Lack of trust and immaturity. I'm more into doing things to you if we feel that way or interested in the same turn on. I want you to be the center of attention in the bedroom. I'm not interested in other women when and if I find the submissive wife. I love the thought of taking you shopping for a new hot outfit shoes and all for a special night of sex, dancing and checking off another fantasy on our list. We only do what we both agreed to and if it's not comfortable. Safe word and It's stopped. Working in Hollywood, I know a lot of people and Porn star's are amongst them. Worked for a few adult companies and believe it or not. Me and my old Partner Bskow are the ones who came up with the BBC. Every relationship is different, what you feel or think about one person is totally different than another. I will say, if I have that chemistry and feel the truth and sincerity from you and discuss our desired fantasy or curiosity in something. We should be able to do it and become very close. Never tear us apart. Work together, share our thoughts and figure out why it's a desire. Also, NEVER throw it back in the others face. That will kill the relationship. Ruin the trust. So, are you a serious contender? Let's make the impossible, possible. In public the persona of straight family business owners that are perfect family members who love each other and have charities for the community where no one would ever think we just returned from a trip to Jamaica and we met a few black friends there and we all had fun with my slut wife. I like taboo thing's that we do together. No cheating when you can do it together, right? And there might come a time we're not into it so we don't do it. But right now, the Idea of finding a slut wife or girlfriend that will let loose and go get lost with me on dirty weekend's or a Tuesday night for a couple hours makes me feel excited down there. Don't be shy, let's talk and tell a tale or trade a idea or two to break the ice. I'm DeMario, let's see if we're a compatible. Enough about me, tell me about you, what do you like or dislike? What's your desire?