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People Of Charm

 California 🌈

Welcome! We are a small business that sells shoe charms and many more products in the works! Etsy is currently in the process of closing our shop, so please check out our store 💗


Packaging Video Part 1 🍊

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So thankful for the amount support this far, looking forward to all our future endeavors. Planning to get a blind bag/gachapon Sanrio series going and hopefully get a kickstarter started afterwards 🥹 if that sounds interesting to yall, please let me know!!
It’s finally happening! Excited to share these with y’all 🤠🧡
kuromi ice cream cone! 
currently messing with a bunch new brushes 🥸 would you want to see a series of these? 🤍
wii play fishies sticker sheet! 🐟🐠🐡

I love how this turned out, even if nobody gets the reference haha. This was my favorite Wii play game growing up

(I will count this as my artober entry lol)
#mosstober23 forgotten dagger: baby thorfinn 🥹
I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys berserk and vagabond! 

(saves and shared are appreciated)