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We turned a magazine into an entirely playable board game.⁣
Issue 03: ‘Play’⁣
-A massive gooey ass double-sided poster (A1)⁣
-A set of instructions and icon characters to play with up to four friends⁣
-5 postcards made by the designers to be sent or put up on your wall⁣
-Illustrations, photography, short form articles, interviews, and poetry submitted by creatives from all over the world⁣
£10 - Link in Bio
Issue 03 Launch Party in collaboration with @dunnocurated 🥽 thanks for celebrating w us 🫂 (2/3)
We’re so excited and grateful to be stocked in stores for the first time. Issue 02 is now available online at and additionally in London at⁣
Charlotte Street News⁣
66 Charlotte St⁣
290 St John St⁣
Magma Clerkenwell⁣
117-119 Clerkenwell Rd⁣
Magma Covent Garden⁣
29 Shorts Gardens⁣
Shreeji Newsagent⁣
6 Chiltern St⁣
Many thanks to these stockists and the contributors whose work we’re so proud to feature⁣
Amelia Thomas (@ameliapaige7)⁣
Emma McAndrew (@eeeeeemmamd)⁣
Erhan Us (@erhanus)⁣
Greer Ross-McLennan (@honeynutgreerio)⁣
Isabella Fowden (@isabellasarchive)⁣
Jamie Salmons (⁣
Kika Good (@9.mnemosyne_)⁣
Louis Nokes (@n_o_k_e_s)⁣
Maria Popescu (@wariapopesq)⁣
Marley Bangert (@mbangert17)⁣
Nathan Samuel (@nathannssamuel)⁣
Nick Thiel (@midwestandblessed)⁣
Roland Faunte (@rolandfaunte)⁣
Sam Gallagher (@s.amgallagher)⁣
Shona Coyne (@shonamariecoyne)⁣
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Veronique Lalley (@veroniquelalley)⁣
Violet Walker (@snailcoma)⁣
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Not another music ‘review’, rather a celebration of a life-long friendship and creative partnership.⁣
“Gumbe’s music is autobiographical, it’s an avenue for him to discover, and uncover a vital aspect of existence — the possibility to hold two truths at once, to toggle between withholding and releasing, facts and feelings, disclosure and denial, without gearing toward resolution.”⁣
🔗An Ode to Joel⁣
🥀Written by Elaine Kwok (@eelainekwok)⁣
☁️On Joel Gumbe (@joelgumbe)⁣
🕯️Photography by Sunao Takahashi⁣
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“A couple of weeks ago, I came across an interview with Caroline Polachek about her upcoming album. It was headlined by her quote: ‘Being offline and off grid is the sexiest thing ever’. As the interview didn’t include any explanation, I felt compelled to explore: how does someone’s absence from the public eye elicit desire?”⁣

Unpacking desirability in unavailability.
🚉Being Offline and Off-grid: “That’s The Sexiest Thing Ever”⁣
📞Written by Gawain Semlear⁣ (@gawainisamazing)
📡Graphic by Jordyn Carlin (@1ordyn)⁣
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This is us
Buying pretty books and reading said pretty books are two entirely different hobbies… duh.⁣
We’re all guilty of it. But next time you’re window shopping books for their covers, reach for these.⁣
🗞️Books With Stories as Gr8 as Their Covers⁣
💌Written by Samuel Laughton (@sam_laugh)⁣
🎡Graphic by Shahar Roda (@shaharroda)⁣
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