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Pony Tales Podcast

 Portland, Oregon

Hosts Andrés Gamboa and Nick Tvrdy chat with successful entrepreneurs who share lessons learned by selling door to door. Listen on your favorite platform.

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August 15-19


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Jason sold for 3 summers, and with a career in emergency medicine, he has some wild stories of his time in the emergency department. He shares with Andres the harrowing story of how he left emergency medicine and his experience of grief and acceptance of reality, while maintaining healthy positivity and perspective. What an inspiring conversation!
Andrew Hovelson sold with JYD in 2003 and 2004, and then went on to pursue an acting career in New York City. Over the past couple of years, Andrew has continued on with his acting passion, while spearheading Southwestern Student Coaching, a mentorship program instilling the principles of the bookfield with young students. He and Andres dive into life in NYC, how Andrew built this coaching company, and of course, some of the main principles of the bookfield that Andrew carries with him to this day. If you want to connect with Andrew, you can find him on Instagram: @andrewcoaches or on the interwebs at
Clint Taylor sold for SEVEN summers in the 90’s, and joins the show after connecting with Andres at the Alumni Reunion this summer in Nashville. Clint has worked as a fundraising consultant in Texas and shares some behind the scenes of how that industry operates. It was great to reconnect with Clint and share his story!
@aleciahuck comes back on the show for another round of greatness. She dives further into her work as founder of MAVERICK & Company, specializing in coaching leaders of fast growing companies and some of the key principles she utilizes. If you’ve wondered if you’re in the wrong role, or feeling in over your head as your company finds quick success? This episode is absolutely for you. As she shared about her time selling books, Alecia told some powerful stories about being the one to believe in someone, and what your “dirt pile” or “dock” may look like. 
You can connect with Alecia on LinkedIn, just let her know why you’re wanting to connect: 
Find out more about MAVERICK & Company: 
Book Recommendation: The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks
@309jimmy - James Mariani joins the show sharing about his time selling books back in 1972. This 5-summer bookman shares with Andres all about the importance of setting up a trust for your loved ones, rather than just a will. This episode is full of sage advice on getting your affairs in order as soon as you can. Jim has some wild stories of the things he has seen people put in a trust fund - a giant tortoise? We hope you enjoy this episode and share it with everyone who needs to hear this wisdom.
@jakerswenson joined the show with a whole list of stories to share - and we maybe got to two of them! He and Andres dove in deep on how this SW experience set him up for success in starting a business. Jake is the co-owner with his brother of the solar company, Genesis. Jake shares some advice on self-talk, lessons learning in recruiting, the difference between balance and schedule - and of course so wild tales from the bookfield. There’s a surprise twist to his parking lot story at the end you don’t want to miss! Enjoy!
NEW EPISODE! We chatted with Lee again, this time in his attic. Episode out now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 🎙️🐴