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He’s just like me fr
Song finally made it out the groupchat 🙏

„Forgive The Mess“ by & @_scarlett_scarlett out now 💞

Love !
He just like me fr

„Forgive The Mess“ dropping this Friday 💕

Love !
Emotional dance music to run into your ex to
Anxious house music for dissociating on the dancefloor at 7am on a Sunday morning after the sudden realisation hits that you’re surrounded by strangers that couldn’t care less about you and all the feeling of community was purely based on shared escapism and mindless consumption

“It’s so over” out now 💖

It took us exactly 613 days to go from 0 to 100.000 monthly listeners

No labels, no mgmt, no editorials

Just making tunes in my bedroom and sharing it with you lovely people

It’s been nothing but love and I appreciate every single one of you for blessing me with your valuable attention

We just getting started 🫶
>tfw u contribute to the phone addiction epidemic by building your whole artistic career on top of short-form video content 

„It’s so over“ dropping this Friday

Love 💞



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