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QC Kinetix (Warm Springs)

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The pain in your joints can be unbearable. You may be experiencing knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, or a host of other problems. QC Kinetix (Warm Springs) provides non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain to residents of Tualatin and surrounding areas. Our biological therapies are a perfect solution for anyone seeking alternatives to surgery for pain. If you're looking for knee replacement surgery, hip surgery, hip replacement, or relief from shoulder pain and elbow pain, call QC Kinetix to schedule a free consultation today. We can help you get relief while avoiding surgery so you can return to your normal activities as quickly as possible. Get relief from knee and shoulder pain due to sports injuries, other conditions, and more! We offer various non-surgical regenerative medicine in Tualatin to help patients with all types of problems; call us!


Shoulder pain is a problem that most people - at some point in their lives - deal with. The cause of shoulder pain can vary from direct injuries to degenerative conditions.

When it comes to shoulder pain relief, QC Kinetix has you covered. Our methods leverage leading methodologies and natural processes for restoring shoulder joint tissues.

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Hip pain is commonplace, especially in older adults. Roughly one in seven seniors, and in particular, women, report significant hip pain. It has led to a substantial increase in the number of hip replacements in the United States each year.

QC Kinetix uses several approaches to alleviate hip pain, particularly the pain due to degeneration associated with arthritis. Our specialists use orthobiologic injections made from the body's natural compounds. This method can allow patients to quickly return to their daily activities without lingering hip pain.

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Yes, our local pain clinic does have age restrictions. You must be 18 years of age. As long as you are 18 years of age and meet health requirements you can be considered a candidate for treatment.

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Direct injuries are the most common source of finger and toe pain. That can include a sudden jerk or twist that results in a sprain or strain. Someone may also end up with a jammed finger thanks to a poorly timed door closure or sustain turf toe while playing soccer.

QC Kinetix offers regenerative treatments for joint pain, whether from a medical condition or injury. Schedule a free consultation today!
QC Kinetix can help you get your life back! Using regenerative medicine, our providers can treat your pain without invasive surgery, so you can get back to the activities you love.

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Regenerative medicine is a scientific field that utilizes the body's natural ability to heal itself to restore function to injured or damaged areas.

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Are you one of the many who experience chronic back pain? Experts project that roughly 80 percent of people will experience significant back pain in their lives.

QC Kinetix can help guide you back to a much higher quality of life. Our goal is to restore the use of the lower back muscles while mitigating any troublesome symptoms.

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QC Kinetix (Warm Springs)