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QC Kinetix (Midland)

 3300 N A St, Bldg 8, Suite 125, Midland, TX, 79705

At QC Kinetix (Midland), we believe that the regenerative medicine in Midland, TX approach is the best treatment to improve overall body function, reduce joint pain, and eliminate the need for painful surgery. Our goal is to provide a better, non-invasive way to minimize and reduce joint pain, and ensure our patients a better quality of life. We prioritize patient comfort, and our goal is to guide our patients every step of the way toward a natural and successful recovery. We believe that these treatments, when applied correctly, can result in dramatic improvements in joint pain and mobility, allowing our patients to move freely and with less discomfort. Our commitment to providing exceptional service to our patients sets us apart, and we strive to provide the highest quality of care to each of our patients.



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