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Quazii (S. Jastice)

Gaming YouTube and Twitch Partner. Also home to his streaming alter ego, S. Jastice - a delusion and washed up game developer.


We've hit 30K followers on #Twitch! 

It's been two years of epic MMORPG adventures (and wipes), laughter, and a community that feels more like family. 

Thank you for making this journey more amazing than I could have ever imagined 🙏
❤️My heart is so full! 1K concurrent viewers on Twitch, no raids, just a loving MMO community that's grown over two years. 

I used to dream of having 10 viewers, and now we're 1,000 strong! 

Thank you for your unwavering support and love. Forever grateful! 🙏
Officially done with my last physio therapy session after 5 months from the accident.

I still remember lying on the road shoulder, wondering if my ankle would ever be the same again.

Time really flies, suddenly I’m swimming daily and travelling again 

P.S photo of me with my Pokémon starter for Scarlet - taken at the Pokémon Center in Tokyo
Probably the best photo I took in Tokyo, Asakusa.
Immensely humbled. Found myself on the WoW reddit homepage this morning. Thank you so much for the support folks 🙏
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy fish and chips, and that's pretty close 😂
Almost died today. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that 10 seconds of my life.

On way home from airport, my grab driver hits the guardrail on the express way, the car spun 360 thrice against the guardrails.

Glass shattered, flung around like a doll, just so thankful to be alive - I’m too young to die, still so much I want to achieve in life.

Will be going under the knife soon to fix my busted leg, my feet is literally pointed the wrong way. 

Will be out of commission for a while, see you on the other side

P.S it’s cliche but life is really blood precious, never take it for granted - EVER.