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Alecia B.

Welcome to my links! 💗 For inquiries Email:


Little miss Bryana has everything she needs🥹🌸🎀💖 I am so obsessed with this new update for infants! Peep this cutie little nursery I built💖

Have any of my fellow simmers played the growing together expansion pack?💭 

please let me know what you thought of it if yes🫶🏽
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Hi everyone! Long time no see🥲 lol here’s a Little something something I built on sims! Featuring a freaked out sim from a fire she caused😂😂 

This is a 1br/1br loft style home, with a convertible dining space, for an additional room or for expanding your family! This is perfect for a single sim or couple with a child. There is also a nice sized pool, and a back patio area perfect for chilling in the sun, or grilling some food with friends or family!

Im absolutely obsessed! Would you guys want to see more of my builds?👀🥹

Tiny life update: I have been working and I’m going back to school in March. I’ve been playing sims 4, Fortnite, and Disney dreamlight the most. Getting back into animal crossing too, so stay tuned🥰 Also planning to start twitch streaming so stay tuned for updates!

Hope everyone is well, and I will try to post more on here when I can❤️ 

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☆Kirby and the forgotten land☆

Hey everyone, Happy Saturday!🥀🦋

Have you guys purchased kirby?? If you have, what do you think so far? I watched gameplay and have seen other channels on YouTube stream it. 😍 This game is definitely on my wish list!

If you haven't played yet but want to,  what are you looking forward to?🦋🤍

💭Any Easter plans? 

Tagged a few gamers, check them out🌳

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Hello everyone ♡

Hope everyone is having a good week so far..if that isn't you, I hope it gets better for you!🥺💙

Loving this cute little spot I made near my house! I really want to post more of my island; I finished a really cool land bridge,  and I can't wait to show you guys!💙

Also if you haven't noticed,  I'm a little obsessed with butterflies and the color blue 🤣😭 tbh blue is not favorite color, its actually red, so I'm a bit surprised myself😅💁🏾‍♀️ 

This preset is called butterfly dream, made by yours truly!🥰🦋

💙Tagged some gamer friends check their profiles and give em a follow!

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📸Passport update📸

Hey everyone! Hope everyone us having a good wednesday!
Decided to update my passport photo today! Fun fact, this is actually a remake of a past post I did. 😄 I absolutely love this hairstyle,  I think it's so whimsical and fun!
I love Passport pics, because you can really get creative, down to the pose of what you want your picture to look like; I also really enjoy screenshots of the sunset and sunrise!
💭What's your favorite style of picture to take on your switch?🤔 
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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a good day🥰

Decided to play some sims 4 today. It's been a while since I played it and I now have a new save! My other save is my family of 6! Haha I guess you could say I'm a family person?😅 I wanted my new save to be that rich auntie everyone lowkey aspires to be🤣

Anywhooo..decided to make this home super minimalist and modern and I think I achieved that in my kitchen! What do you guys think?🥰 I totally love it so far!

💭Do you play sims? 

🤔Should i post more sims content?

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Hey everyone meet Molly🦆 shes my favorite duck🥺🥺 also one of my fave villagers rn!💗

Here's some wholesome pics of her enjoying her home in Storybrook💗