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My absolute pleasure to play for @bastiontechno last Saturday

Thanks for the trust and invite as always
My set from @orphicamsterdam 

Forever thankful to @fredbaks and @thomstraxx for the opportunity to share my sound with some of Amsterdam’s finest. And to the lovely team of @radionamsterdam for hosting us, and all the people that came to enjoy this (very) sunny day with us.

Link in bio 🌊

📸 @mxv.jpeg third run today at @deschietclub 🏃🏻

📸 @ipeksan / @_poseup_

NAAZ - @remytonisson 

For this week's podcast we invited NAAZ, an Estonian-born and Ireland-raised DJ and producer. He has a unique blend of sound, drawing influence from many artists that left a mark on him throughout Amsterdam’s eclectic nightlife.

Over the past years, NAAZ shared his characteristic sound at numerous underground parties, while also making appearances in Amsterdam’s famous clubs RADION and Shelter. Fully immersed in the inspiring city, NAAZ founded - a multifaceted organization focused on the underground side of music and art.

Enjoy this hour by NAAZ through the link in our bio 💚
New mix cooked up and served on soundcloud 🧑🏼‍🍳
Been a few months since I posted a set and it’s due time to fix that ⚒️

For this one I focused on a constant tempo and energy build start-to-finish, from 100 BPM to 138 BPM. The idea is to keep a steady high energy despite the tempo being slow and constantly changing.