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Started streaming 22nd September 2019, mainly Blizzard Games.. I am an Epileptic and also I am disabled with Osteio arthritus. I am now aided in stream by my faithful stream mascot Leah who can often be found at my feet or behind me.. she waits for someone to give her a treat! I am the worlds oldest Diablo franchise streamer. I love having a chat, banter is great, I do have opinions of course they are my own but I like to pass on commonsense knowledge from years gone by! One of many principles I have and was taught at an early age.



Little sod🖕🙄
My setup isn't fancy or has RGB lighting, neon signs etc around it like most but it's mine
You know who you are.
Back room finished, dinner at 7 last night, Di had to help me in the shower and I was asleep at 9pm. Main thing is it's done and I can watch her beautiful work.
Top tier cable management here 👌