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I'm building startups live every day. Let's make something happen :D




"Why aren't you streaming today?"
New setup in Lisbon!

Hoping this is the setup that's gonna help my new project take off :D
New Portugal setup!
Temporary hotel stream setup, yes those are trash cans
Tweet plotting with @aprilynnealter on the big screen, this is my life now
This has been some of the most stressful time I've had in a while.

Finding a decent home is such a headache. Wanting to feel comfortable, taking bets on how much money I'll make this month...

And worst of all, making cute girl deal with me constantly going back through Airbnbs as they cancel on us or we find out what's wrong with them.

But we're here. Finally. It's beautiful, and I have an awesome standing setup in the movie room (THERE'S A MOVIE ROOM!!)

We're back. And we're going to fucking grind until we take over the world.

See you all on stream today.
A romantic dinner of dinosaur chicken nuggets and chick-fil-a sauce ❤️