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My new EP has been released to bandcamp.
Which is your favorite?
I will be in Hong Kong next weekend. I had planned to go on a tour of China, but had to cancel it due to difficulties in obtaining a visa. I will get a visa next month.

I will be going abroad in April. First of all, I will be going to Hong Kong for the first time in a long time. It is very difficult to get a visa in China. The restrictions on activities seem to be very strict ^_^. 


I have cancelled our China tour for May 12.13. Unable to obtain visa. I will adjust to another date.
Update 18 April.

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Contemplar lo natural is 
Pre-orders for the new release are now available.
It will be released on April 14. We hope you will play it heavily at outdoor parties. It has a powerful finish. The lyrics are based on the concept of nature, featuring a Bolivian diva.
The idea for this project was a challenge in a field that we had never experienced before, and there were setbacks along the way to making it a reality. We were in a constant state of worry and trial and error to see if there were any possibilities or not. We had to come up with lyrics and melodies for minimal techno, which has no musical chord progression. How many seconds should I start singing? I spent several months learning. I really wanted to make a track about the great outdoors.
The lyrics are about (thinking about nature)
Seeking and finding in the vastness of the worldPlant a seed and let it grow
Let it grow, believe and trust)
The lyrics are meant to be thought-provoking.


Video :  @futago_gardens 

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Music from the Disney Theatre Theatre a few years ago.what I did it.


Sound design #ryogoyamamori