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New song "Snowfall" with SwuM out now :)

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"Snowfall" On Apple Music


Due to popular demand, I've teamed up with @diggersfactory for a limited edition Bebop pressing with a galaxy black and pink finish !

Pre-orders are up now for a limited time so don't hesitate to cop one ! Link is in my bio. Two test pressings will be available as well :)

I also want to thank all the people who regularly support my music, whether through listening, buying records or simply by sharing with friends and family ❤️
What an eventful day! "Unwind" is out now and I just became and uncle for the third time 🎉

The LP is finally available for listening and I cannot be more proud of this album. I genuinely love this album and each track was made with passion and good vibes !!

I explored new things with this album through the use of sounds I've never tried before such as the tabla, flutes, voicings and folkloric instruments. The main track of the album is called "Unwind" and is probably my favorite track ever so I hope you'll give it a listen along with the rest of the LP ❤️

Huge thanks to @jakartarecords for believing in this release and working together to make it happen, to @mastaacepics and @odyssee_lc for their outstanding work on "Pennywise" and "Cosmic Dust", and finally to all the friends and listeners who enjoy my music and allow me to become a part of their musical journey, more and more cool music coming out soon 🎶

Also big up to everyone who copped a vinyl, link is my bio! (@lemaestromind
and @juju_rogers_official
got theirs already 👀)

Let me know if you like the LP, and if so don't forget to share with friends and lovers ❤️

Cover and art by @l4artiste
Design by @robert.winter
It's been 22 days since the devastating earthquake registering a magnitude of 7 has struck Morocco, the strongest to hit the country in a century, resulting in profound grief over the loss of nearly 3,000 lives and injuries to more than 5,000 individuals. 50,000 houses have completely or partially collapsed from the tremor, and the @who assessment indicates that the earthquake had an impact on over 300,000 people. This has left many individuals and families in need, with homes and essential infrastructure severely damaged and entire villages completely wiped out of the map. 

In response to the catastrophic events, 9 Moroccan artists « @ceeelassaad // @chryzalid_ // @casavoyager / @guedraguedra - @ahassak // @saad.elbaraka1995 / @kosh_212 // @polysw_tch // @raskas.official - @_archidi_ // » and myself have contributed our talents to create a warm and comforting collection of songs that aim to bring solace and hope to the victims, a collective effort giving birth to "MUSIC FOR RELIEF" as a humble endeavor to provide support to the communities affected. 

By purchasing this compilation, you can make a direct impact by providing shelter, medical assistance, and essential supplies to those in need. 

All proceeds will go directly to earthquake relief NGOs, @association_tamounte_ouirgane & @insafassociation — in addition to trusted funds dedicated to helping the affected communities. 

Heartfelt thanks to @dubplates.mastering for the support and incredible prowess in mastering this, to @nazarzar for the elegant artwork, to @chama_tahiri & @anisztn for being guiding lights, and to all the artists. 

Purchase link available via the link in bio, or visit
Mint Jams' Episode 04 @radioalhara this afternoon 5 pm CET.

Every fourth Monday of the month from 5 to 6 pm CET I'll be playing a selection of grooves and eventually explore certain genres along the way.

18:00 Bethlehem | 17:00 Berlin | 16:00 London
back from a quick trip with the homies filled with sunshine, sea breeze and palm trees 🌴

Thought I'd give an update and tell u that new music will be coming soon ! Also still working on my first house release and hopefully we can hit the dancefloor with it :) 
Much love and stay tuned ❤️
'Mint Jams' Episode 03: City Pop Special @radioalhara this afternoon 5 pm CET.
Make sure to tune in if you want to enjoy some sweet sounds from 80s Japan 🇯🇵 

Every fourth Monday of the month from 5 to 6 pm CET I'll be playing a selection of grooves and eventually explore certain genres along the way.

18:00 Bethlehem | 17:00 Berlin | 16:00 London